Sunday, September 25, 2011

The $Flower & The Vase

The $Flower! I love the result of this origami model. I enjoyed making this model because there were some difficulties and I like that. And don't forget that this flower, is made with a square of paper! Oh, shoot this model isn't made with a square, I made it with the proportions 24:13.

Now, the Vase, this model was fun to do, when I was making it, I thought it was a tessellation but, no, it wasn't. So, it was not a difficult one, the result is quite great, and somehow useful.
Please note: the brown thing in the vase is wet construction paper.

Tutorial (Flower): CLICK HERE
Tutorial (Vase)   : CLICK HERE

Diagrams:          : CLICK HERE

Folded by: TheOrigamiMaster - Designed by: Stephen Hecht

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