Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Full-rigged Ship

Hi all! I made recently the full-rigged ship! I loved making this model because there is a lot of folds but they are not that hard. There was only one step that I had difficulties: where I had to change the color of a reverse fold, I didn't know how to do it because of the diagrams. By the way, this model is quite awesome! It is beautiful! It is like a real ship! Like the Molson one!  ; )

For the diagrams, you have to buy the book: "Origami Step by Step" written by Robert Harbin.

Designed by: Patricia Crawford - Folded by: TheOrigamiMaster
#03 TEXT English


  1. Awesome dude !! :O Good work

  2. I'm stuck on the color change step too! How did you do it?

    (It looks great, by the way)

    1. My god it took me so long to figure it out I don't even remember what I did. I I'm very sorry.


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