Sunday, January 29, 2012

Swiss Army Knife

  Hello everybody! Today I'm showing you the Swiss Army Knife, an origami action model. This is an awesome model because it is not that hard to do, and very cool! This is praticly the same as a real swiss knife but this one is made of paper and it's not dangerous. The best is to use metallic paper but I didn't have any so we'll say that this is a ceramic one ; )
  By the way, I'm proud to say that the blog has a custom domain! It's now "" ; easier to remind and it is shorter to write! And my new e-mail is: , so if you want to contact me for suggestions or even commentaries on my blog, that's the way!
Tutorial part 1: CLICK HERE 
Turorial part 2: CLICK HERE

Folded by: TheOrigamiMaster - Designed by: Jeremy Shafer
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